It turns out I’m just like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Remember that movie Sliding Doors? After Gwyneth’s character (Helen) is fired, she heads home, despondent. The pivotal moment occurs as Helen rushes to catch the subway. She approaches the train just as the doors slide shut (hence the movie title). We watch two scenarios unfold.

In the first, she catches the train and arrives home to catch her deadbeat boyfriend cheating. She breaks up with him and builds a fabulous new life.

In the second, she misses the train, doesn’t discover the cheating, and grows discontent.

Every morning I watch myself either make or miss the train. Let me explain, because this isn’t about my husband cheating.

Lately, I’ve been getting up early to do yoga. Like, really early. Before 5am. Before my kids awake.

It’s the only time when no one seeks my attention, and the only time I know my to-do list won’t dominate my thoughts.

So I’ve been on a good stretch lately. But I’m a mom to two young kids, I’m not a morning person, and I’m eternally tired. Every morning I struggle with the decision to get up or to stay in bed. And this is where I watch myself run toward that sliding train door.

If I get up and head upstairs to my yoga mat, I catch the train. My day includes presence and patience.

If I hit the snooze button, and wake up to my lovely, yet demanding children, I’ve missed the train. I’m on track for a day with impatience, distraction, and disconnect.

The days I catch the train end up better for everyone in my house. I’ve started building structure into my days to give me the greatest shot at catching that train.

Here Are The Secrets To My Morning Yoga Success.



  • If you plan to do an online yoga class, queue it up on your laptop. brb Yoga makes this step easy.
  • Close all other tabs on your computer so you’re not tempted to check email or Facebook when you wake.
  • Set the laptop next to your yoga mat.
  • Pick pajamas that double as yoga clothes.
  • Put your phone (or alarm clock) across the room to ensure you don’t hit snooze. If you are using your phone, put it in airplane mode.
  • Fill a water bottle with water and ice and set it next to your alarm.



  • Shut off your alarm but keep your phone in airplane mode! The quickest way to miss that train is to see the notifications that popped up during the night.
  • Chug your ice cold water to hydrate and wake up.
  • Stumble onto your mat.
  • Wake up the computer and press play.
  • Do the yoga!

You may have noticed that ALL the mental work happens at night. This is by design.

If you’re going to catch the train and have a good day, you can’t wait until the morning to prepare. Do everything you can so you don’t need to think or make decisions in the morning. To cut the barriers between you and your mat, you need to be on autopilot.

Any other morning yogis out there? How do you make it happen?

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