The Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System

Get a Healthy Pelvic Floor That Can Stand Up to ANY Challenge

The Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System is a unique, research-based, corrective exercise program designed to give you a healthy, coordinated, pelvic floor… in just minutes a day.

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Imagine how it would feel to have a happy, healthy pelvic floor.

To go for a long run, jump on the trampoline, or chase your kids around the background without worrying about leaking, feeling like your insides are falling out, or being in pain afterward.

You’ve probably forgotten what that feels like.

Because right now…

  • You’re crossing your legs when you sneeze to keep yourself from leaking

  • Or you’ve got a constant ache deep in your pelvis or near your tailbone

  • Or you feel heaviness in your pelvic floor that lets you know something isn’t quite right down there

Other women say, “Just do your Kegels,” or “Welcome to motherhood.”

Well, I say NO!

You do NOT have to put up with chronic pelvic floor issues.

There are simple, effective 5-minute techniques you can add to your daily routine to create a balanced, healthy pelvic floor so you can:

  • Say YES to playing with your kids.
  • Enjoy sex again.
  • Feel confident in your body.


And live a life you LOVE.

Hey there!

I’m Catherine Middlebrooks.

Certified yoga instructor, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, and the founder of brb Yoga.

I know what it’s like to struggle with pain and instability after pregnancy.

After my six-week check-up, I thought I’d bounce back to my yoga practice and active, outdoorsy lifestyle.

But no matter what I did, my back hurt and the weakness in my core and pelvic floor was getting worse.

After months of trying, I realized that the yoga practice I loved was actually hurting my postpartum body.

Luckily I’m a research geek, so I threw myself into studying corrective exercise, biomechanics, musculature, and the postpartum body.


I discovered that pregnancy is miraculous, beautiful, and creates MASSIVE muscular changes in the body.

It turns out…Almost all the pelvic floor advice out there is focused on one thing… strength!

But for pelvic floors, strength isn’t always the answer.

In pregnancy, your body goes through very predictable changes. Your core gets weak to accommodate the growing baby. Other muscles change to pick up the slack of the weakened core.

When it comes to the pelvic floor, things can go two ways…

  • For some, her pelvic floor goes on a permanent vacation.

  • For others, her pelvic floor becomes overactive trying to stabilize the pelvis.

Those patterns don’t just go away after you give birth.

Both over AND under active pelvic floor muscles cause issues.

You start to experience things like: leaking, pelvic pain, or instability in the pelvis.

You try to get out there and be active but you suffer so much during and afterward that you start opting out of all of the fun.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what you need to know.

The key to a healthy pelvic floor is ensuring BALANCE in the muscles…not just strength.

In fact, too much strength in a pelvic floor creates issues like:

Pelvic Pain & Pain During Intercourse

Difficulty Engaging the Pelvic Floor Fully

Leaking & Difficulty Taking a Deep Breath

This is why programs that focus ONLY on Kegels rarely fix pelvic floor issues

(and often make the issues worse!)

And this is likely why you haven’t had success fixing your pelvic floor in the past.

The key to true Pelvic Floor Health is…

Coordination of the Muscles.

Coordination comes down to two things:

Muscles that engage quickly and reliably when you need them.
Muscles that relax fully when they aren’t needed.

Muscles can only contract well from a relaxed, resting position.

If you aren’t training your pelvic floor muscles to RELAX and ENGAGE, you aren’t setting them up to work when you need them (like when you sneeze!)

Only when you have coordinated muscles can you get back to the active lifestyle you crave and be the woman AND the Mom you want to be.

And I am so fired up to help you do just that.

That’s Why I Created…

Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up is an online, corrective exercise program designed to assess your pelvic floor, and give you simple techniques to rebalance the muscles… 

… in just minutes a day!

Unlike other programs that focus only on strength, this revolutionary system focuses on coordination of the muscles through three key elements.


Rather than a one-sized-fits-all approach, you will learn exactly what is happening in YOUR pelvic floor through simple assessments. With this knowledge, you will know which exercise plan to follow to create coordination in your muscles.


Comprehensive training on releasing and stretching the pelvic floor muscles so that they live in a resting state that allows them to contract when needed.


Only after we’ve learned to relax the pelvic floor fully can we begin the process of strength-training the muscles. You’ll receive comprehensive training on engaging the entirety of the pelvic floor so that you are supported and protected.

And you’ll do it all with an easy-to-follow plan that takes 5 minutes a day (or less!)

You’ll learn how to:

Assess your pelvic floor to determine where you have underactive and overactive muscles (perfect for women who struggle to know what is causing their pelvic floor issues!)

Transform your pelvic floor with simple, 5-minute routines designed to create BALANCE in your pelvic floor (so you can stop “doing more Kegels” without knowing if they will help you!)

Identify trigger points in your pelvic floor that create pain or keep your muscles from firing properly…and learn how to release them! (This is key if you have pelvic pain or struggle to engage your pelvic floor consistently).

Determine your PELVIC SCORE. This simple number tells you whether you need to focus on strengthening OR releasing your muscles (and guides you to the perfect pelvic floor exercise routine for you).

Integrate pelvic floor awareness into your daily movements (so you are taking care of your pelvic floor all day, every day…not just when you are doing your exercises!)

Cultivate pelvic floor coordination (so that you can always trust your pelvic floor…no matter what activity you find yourself doing!)

The Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System is designed to be added to your existing exercise routines.

What We Cover:

You get quick, simple exercises to add to your days. You’ll feel more confident and get more benefit from the exercises you already do, in just minutes a day!

Pelvic Floor Anatomy and Engagement Essentials

Go beyond “shutting off the flow of urine” and learn how to fully engage and relax ALL of your pelvic floor muscles.

The State of Your Pelvic Floor

Everyone’s pelvic floor muscles are different. You’ll become the expert in YOUR pelvic floor weakness, tightness, and trigger points through self-assessment.

Your Pelvic Score

 This score is a simple measure of your pelvic floor coordination and guides you to the right Pelvic Floor Exercise Plan for you. 

Comprehensive Pelvic Floor Exercise Plans

Whether you need to focus on relaxation, strengthening, or both, you get the right plan to create coordination in YOUR pelvic floor in a simple, easy-to-follow plan, that takes less than 5 minutes a day.

How to Protect Your Pelvic Floor in Daily Life

Lifting car seats and heavy kids, the way we stand and sit…these all have a huge impact on our pelvic floor health! You’ll learn how to ensure your every day movements help rather than hurt your pelvic floor.

Here’s What You Get with Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up:

4 Training Modules filled with short (10 minute or less) video and audio lessons covering everything you need to succeed
Value: $99

Pelvic Floor Assessment Training. Use these simple assessment instructions to become the expert on YOUR pelvic floor…so that you can use the system to correct your patterns.
Value: $149

Pelvic Floor Map PDF. Document your pelvic floor baseline status (as you complete the assessment training) so that you can track your progress over time.
Value: $19

Pelvic Score Calculator. This calculator allows you to assess the overall coordination of your pelvic floor (how well it engages and relaxes) to determine your pelvic score. Your pelvic score tells you which Pelvic Exercise Plan to begin with and when you are ready to progress to the next level.
Value: $29

4 Complete Pelvic Exercise Plans. Whether you need to release your pelvic floor or strengthen it, you will get week by week instructions on exactly what to do to create balance and coordination in your pelvic floor in less than 5 minutes a day (Includes audio, image, and PDF instructions).
Value: $149

Weekly Exercise Checklist. Track your progress by checking off your weekly and daily exercises on this easy-to-use PDF.
Value: $9

Plus! These 3 Valuable Bonuses!

Bonus 1

Yoga Practice To Release the Pelvic Floor
Value: $19

This 20-Minute complete yoga practice focuses on actively stretching the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. Designed to create balance and enhance coordination in the pelvic floor.

(Comes in streaming video format)

Bonus 2

Corrective Exercise Practice For Pelvis Stability
Value: $19

Often the pelvic floor overworks to create stability for the pelvis (because other areas are weak and not doing their job!).

This quick exercise routine video gives you exercises to strengthen key muscles surrounding the pelvis so that the Pelvic Floor can stop working so hard!

(Comes in streaming video format)

Bonus 3

Guided Meditation For Pelvic Floor Ease
Value: $9

Use this 10-Minute MP3 recording to invite ease and release tension in your pelvic floor.

I know you’ll love this course as much as I do.

I know it will transform your life.

That’s why I offer my Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up GUARANTEE.

Take 15 days to try the Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System.

If you’re not feeling more confident in your pelvic floor, email me within 15 days and I’ll issue you a full refund.

All you need to do to make this system work for you is:

Watch the short videos and listen to the short audio files.

Complete your pelvic floor assessment and find your pelvic score.

Follow the 5-minute/day exercise plans recommended for you.

Start enjoying life without worrying about your pelvic floor!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

This program is designed to fit the schedules of busy moms! The exercise plans take 5 minutes (or less) per day. All the training modules are designed in bite-sized chunks (All are less than 10 minutes, most are less than 5!)

How fast can I expect to see results?

The pace of your results will depend on a number of factors, most importantly, the state of your pelvic floor when you begin! With consistent effort, most students should experience a positive change in their pelvic symptoms within 14 days.

How long can I keep the materials?

How about forever?! You get lifetime access to the materials (including any future updates).

What if it's not what I expect or it doesn't work for me?

If the Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System isn’t the missing link between you and a healthier pelvic floor, email me at within 15 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

How do I access the materials?

The information is hosted on our course site. You will need internet to access the videos. All of the audio files and PDFs are downloadable. All of the pelvic floor exercise plans come in downloadable PDF format so you can use them when you are without internet access.

I already own your Heal Your Core or Fix Your Hips program. How is this different?

This course is an excellent complement to those two courses. The Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System goes into greater depth on pelvic floor assessment and provides specific pelvic floor exercise routines that are not found in our other programs.

Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up only covers the pelvic floor and does not cover core or hip health. If you are looking for a program that focuses on whole body fitness, you will want to check out Heal Your Core or Fix Your Hips.   

Kids grow fast.

Let’s make sure you don’t miss out on a single moment or activity because of your pelvic floor.

Join the Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up System TODAY and begin saying YES to life again. 


Let’s get started.

The Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up-System Special Offer!

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Every day you ignore your pelvic floor issues, you do more damage.

As you age, and your hormones change, these problems can get worse. 

  • Up to 50% of women experience prolapse in menopause,
  • And 35% of women over 65 leak urine!

This doesn’t have to be your future!

Join Pelvic Floor Pick-Me-Up TODAY and begin creating a healthy, balanced pelvic floor that allows you to do the things you love with your kids (and future grandkids)!