Ep. 12: The Power of Pleasure With Julie Tenner

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In Episode 12 of Rise Rooted, I interview Julie Tenner and we dive deep into topics related to pleasure and embracing your feminine power.

We Cover:

  • How pleasure is an important, and often missing, piece for women when trying to change their behavior.
  • What pleasure opens up for us as women
  • Why the common instruction of “get out of your head, and into your body” can feel so challenging (and what to do about it)
  • How cultural dynamics cause women to deny their innate feminine powers and how that leads to struggle in relationships and life.
  • The roles of the masculine and feminine in intimate relationships
  • How to increase chemistry in a relationship by understanding the law of polarity as it relates to relationships.
  • Love and desire and how they relate to each other.

And so much more…

About Julie Tenner, The Pleasure Nutritionist

Julie Tenner is an experienced facilitator of deep women’s work, a naturopath, doula, and mother of four, who teaches women how to love wider, feel safe in surrender, and open to their untapped power.

With over 15 years experience working in women’s physical and emotional health, Julie believes pleasure is the missing ingredient to awakening women from the inside out. Bringing a distinctive combination of knowledge, infused with heart and soul, Julie reaches women all over the world via her podcast ‘Nourishing The Mother’, Women’s Circles, Ceremony and transformational online programs.

Julie will revolutionize the way you relate to yourself, and the ones you love, bringing deeper connection and richer intimacy.

Connect With Julie:

The Pleasure Nutritionist: https://www.thepleasurenutritionist.com/
Nourishing The Mother: https://nourishingthemothercourse.com/

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