Reconnect To The Things You Love...ZERO Mama Guilt.

A Perfect Fit Self-Care Plan For Busy Moms

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Imagine Spending Time Nurturing Yourself Each and Every Day.

No time away from your family. No Mama guilt.

It's Possible. And It Feels Fantastic.

After working through the quick, and very do-able, Reconnect Bundle, you will:


Know EXACTLY what to do to make yourself feel great - in a matter of minutes.


Be the mom who KEEPS HER COOL, because you'll feel less overwhelmed.


End your day feeling BALANCED, not exhausted.


Spend time doing things that LIGHT YOU UP.


Finally feel like you've WON the never ending battle to find me-time.

I know what you're thinking...

"By the time I've taken care of everyone else's needs, I'm too exhausted to do anything for me."

Here's The Thing:

You don’t have to carve hours out of your day, or feel loads of mama guilt, to reconnect to the things you love.

You just need to know what activities will nurture you

AND fit your busy life.

That's why I created the


The Reconnect Bundle gives you everything you need to get 100% clear on your Perfect Fit Self-Care Plan.

This is your TOTALLY DO-ABLE roadmap for reconnecting to the parts of you you've lost since becoming a mom in just MINUTES a day. 

What's Included:

Step By Step Training and Exercises To Get You 100% Clear on Your Perfect Fit Self-Care Plan That Fits You And Your Life

Guided Breath Practice (Audio File) To Kick Overwhelm To the Curb

Email Support To Help You Break Through Any Challenges As You Implement The System

(Bonus) Mini-Training To Set You Up With Easy, Daily Routines That Make It Virtually Impossible To Fail At Implementing This System

(Bonus) 10 Minute Core Strength Yoga Video (Because Yoga's The Best!)

The One Time Fee of
Gets You Lifetime Access
To The Materials

Ready To Find Yourself?

Catherine knows what she’s talking about!

Her suggestions were relevant and simple to implement. The bundle helped me connect with what I want in life and put me on a path to get there. Catherine had me thinking about things I never give myself time to consider.

I recommend the bundle to any busy mom who wants attainable, actionable steps to achieving self-centeredness.

Jessie Valle

Nice to meet you! I'm Catherine Middlebrooks, founder of brb Yoga.

I have a master's degree in psychology, I'm a certified yoga instructor, self-care advocate, wife, and busy mom to two young kids.

it wasn’t until I became a mom that I really learned -like deep in my bones learned- how ESSENTIAL self-care is to my physical and emotional well-being.

About a year after my daughter was born, I was completely in love and completely overwhelmed.

In my mind self-care was a 75 minute yoga class and I simply didn’t have time for that in my new life. Going to a yoga studio was out of the question and most online options were too long or hard to navigate. So I did nothing.

Over time, I realized I was losing myself. I worried that when my kids were older and I finally came up for air, I wouldn’t recognize myself or have anything to call my own. Yikes.

What did I do? I developed a practice that fit my new life like a glove. By implementing simple, efficient self-care activities that fit my new life, I climbed my way out of the overwhelm and embraced my new life.

I'm so excited to share this proven practice with you.

Feeling Exhausted And Overwhelmed Shouldn’t Be The Norm (Even For Moms)!

If you are ready to make yourself a priority, sign up below!