Self Care For Busy Moms

“I feel like I have no idea what to do that would make enough of an impact to call it self-care. And I don’t have time to research what those things might be because I’m constantly “on” for work or parenting!”


Sound familiar?

The reality is we’re all a little lost when it comes to “self-care.”

You want to make time for yourself. But you don’t know what to do. When you get a free moment, you default to the easy outs like Facebook and Netflix. Too bad they don’t actually make you feel good.

How do I know? Because, every day, I talk to women who CRAVE more time to focus on themselves.

Luckily, you don’t have to book a flight to Fiji to restore.

You can take care of yourself in about 10 minutes a day, IF YOU HAVE A PLAN.

Your self-care plan must lay out WHEN you will make time and WHAT you can do in those times. And your WHAT will differ from everyone else’s.

Here are 3 reasons a self-care plan is your key to self-care success:


1. A plan ensures you take advantage of your few free moments.

Time is your most precious resource. That is true for everyone. But as a parent, you know exactly how true it is. An unexpected chunk of free time is like getting an oil change, and finding out they’re giving free ice cream sundaes while you wait! It’s a gift.

You’ll waste that gift without a plan. You’ll spend the whole oil change debating toppings and consulting your facebook friends. And then your car’s ready and you’ve missed your chance.

But if you have a plan, you’ll take full advantage of that gift of free time. You’ll head to the counter and order a vanilla sundae with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and almonds.

When you have a plan, you know exactly what to do to turn free time into restorative me-time.


2. A plan establishes clear time expectations for you and your family.

Moms who make self-care a priority don’t wait to FIND time for self-care. They MAKE time. 10 minutes a day is enough – but it is intentional.

Scheduled time is honored by the whole family. You might need a “mom is off duty” sign so your kids know to go to dad. Or you might have designated self-care mornings where the whole family knows not to disturb you for those 10 minutes. If you have small kids, you can trade off mornings with your spouse. You’ll get at least 3 mornings a week.

Without a plan? There will always be laundry to fold, lunches to pack, dishes to wash, hugs to give. And those things will crowd out your self-care.


3. A plan eliminates self-care ruts and keeps you motivated.

You may read all this and think “Nah,  I’m good, I’ve got my go-to self-care routine.”  If that’s true, congratulations! But is that routine serving you right now?

I meet lots of women who have their thing (it could be yoga, or running, or bubble baths), and are hesitant to step outside of this box. They don’t want to waste a minute of free time on something that won’t “work.”  I get it. I’ll say it again- time is your most precious resource. You don’t want to waste a minute of it.

Self-care activities that don’t serve you, or fit your life, becomes less a gift and more a duty.

Imagine Grace, an extroverted, stay-at-home mom who ran marathons before kids. Her days at home leave her craving connection. She still thinks of running as her “self-care.” But it’s a battle to lace up her shoes every time.

Grace’s self-care isn’t serving her. She needs a self-care routine that fosters feelings of connection. Simple things like FaceTime with friends or conversations with her spouse.


A good self-care plan fills your days with activities that nurture your deepest priorities. 

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