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Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)?

How to safely practice yoga and strengthen your post-baby core (once and for all!)

What You’ll Learn In This Free Online Masterclass:


The #1 factor keeping your abdominal separation from healing (and how common yoga poses make it worse).


3 key alignment changes that transform your yoga from harmful to healing (and strengthen your core all day, every day)


Yoga poses that prevent core-healing (and what to do instead).


How to effectively strengthen your deepest core muscles and make every pose a chance for healing.

Meet Your Host 

Catherine Middlebrooks, the founder of brb Yoga, is a yoga teacher, postpartum corrective exercise specialist, wife, mom, and the creator of the Heal Your Core with Yoga and Fix Your Hips programs.

With the mind of a researcher and the heart of a yogi, Catherine geeks out on the science behind corrective exercise and has helped thousands of moms restore their core strength so they can say YES to life again.

Catherine lives in Durango, CO with her husband and two children.

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