Reclaim Your Core, Pelvic Floor, and Hip Health.

So you can do the activities you love without fear or pain…and without peeing yourself. 


Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your body.

Think about it…every organ in your torso was stretched or squished to make room for a new person. How could that not have an impact?

But the changes you’ve experienced do not have to be permanent.

Core weakness and pee-sneezes are NOT normal parts of postpartum life. Same with back and hip pain.

Those issues reveal underlying imbalances in your body…poor alignment, improper breath patterns, and key muscles that have shut off (or been working overtime).

Let’s use yoga to get your body working properly so that you can feel better and get back to doing the things you love.

So that you can say yes to playing with your kids…and say yes to life.

Catherine Middlebrooks is a yoga teacher, postpartum health expert, wife, Mom and the founder of and Heal Your Core with Yoga. With the mind of a researcher and the heart of a yogi, Catherine geeks out on the science behind corrective exercise and helping moms like you restore your core strength so you can say YES to life again.

Catherine lives in Durango, CO with her husband and 2 kids. Join her on Facebook or Instagram for tips and tutorials to care for your body.