Rebuild Your Post-Baby Core So You Can Say Yes To Life

Imagine Saying YES to all the things you love.

Yes to playing in the yard with your kids.

Yes to that 3 mile hike.

Yes to that yoga, zumba, or weights class.

It’s Possible!

But Right Now, You Say “No” More Than You Say “Yes”.

Right now you spend way too much time struggling with the things you hear are “a normal part” of having a baby.

That abdominal separation that will not close.

That lingering back pain. Those hips that feel tired and achy. That general feeling of noodly-ness in your core. 

Plain and simple, you spend a lot of your time feeling uncomfortable.

Living in discomfort changes you.

You start doubting yourself and your body when all the quick fixes don’t help.

You start opting out of life.

Sitting out of a game of tag at the park when, before, you’d always be the first to jump in.

You stop doing the activities that used to bring joy and meaning to your life. Running, hiking, yoga. Whatever your thing was.

You don’t trust your body to hold up.

You feel like a stranger in your own skin.

You’re far too young to have a body that feels this broken.





Here’s the thing…

NONE of this is a normal part of postpartum life!

You don’t have to shy away from life.

You can regain your strength and get back to the things you love.

Imagine How It Would Feel To:

Wake up every day feeling good in your own skin.

 Get back into the activities that bring joy and meaning to your life with ZERO worry that you’ll hurt yourself.

Feel completely confident saying YES to that game of tag with your kids or that weekend hiking adventure. 

Once and for all, letting go of ALL that mental energy you spend trying to fix yourself.

Know that your kids are watching you live a healthy, active life.

Sounds good, right?





But how?

How do you build core strength that lets you do everything you love?


An online yoga program where women build lasting core strength so they can say ‘YES’ to life.

This proven, research-based, system is designed to eliminate the body patterns keeping you weak and create new patterns that make you strong.

This comes down to two things:

1. Eliminating the root cause of your core weakness, and

2. Training your core to work for you ALL DAY LONG.

All while enjoying all the benefits of yoga.

The best part? It takes less than 20 minutes a day.

Sound good?? It is!

You’ll walk away from this program ready to say YES to whatever adventure life throws your way.

After my second pregnancy, I had a three and a half finger diastasis and about 60 pounds to lose. But I didn’t feel I could work out until I healed my core. I needed to heal myself and so I jumped in and committed to 20 minutes a day for 8 weeks.

I’m healed! I had a one finger or less gap at the end of the program. I can do kickboxing, jump on a trampoline, laugh, and sneeze without peeing myself. I have better posture and stand up taller. I have lost 25 pounds of my 60 pound goal after starting this program about 3 months ago. I thought maybe I would have a weak core for a long time, but it really did not take much time at all.

I credit this program with helping me start to get my swagger back. This program is legit, is cheaper than physical therapy, and a hella lot better than a tummy tuck!

Natalie Rondeau

If you’re thinking…

“This all sounds great, BUT I’m so busy.

I never sleep.

I have little people around ALL. DAY. LONG!”

I hear ya, mama!

This program was designed for the busiest of moms.

Here’s how it works:

Lifetime access to the entire online program and access to any future changes.

24/7 Online Access. Streaming video, downloadable audio, and PDF formats

8-Week Training & Learning Schedule so that you always know what practice to do. Never more than 20 minutes a day, 4-5 days/week.

Start/stop whenever you like. Going on vacation for a week? No problem. Just pick up where you left off.

Lifetime Access To The Heal Your Core With Yoga Private Facebook Community.

Includes Weekly Live Q&A Sessions!

Lifetime access to weekly Live Q&A sessions to get all your questions answered.

Lifetime access to the private Heal Your Core With Yoga Facebook Group so you can always seek support from Catherine and the hundreds of amazing women in the program.

Personalized Feedback on Your Alignment!

Together we’ll privately review the changes you’ve made in your body patterns. I’ll give you individual feedback and personalized corrective exercises, if necessary. You’ll be 100% confident that you are building healing body patterns.

Plus…Lifetime Access To The Heal Your Core Alumni Group and Video Library

After 8 weeks in the program, you automatically receive access to the Heal Your Core Alumni Facebook Group/Video Library.

This is a great place to continue to grow your practice with a trusted instructor, from the comfort of your own home.

Each month I post 3-4 NEW yoga practices and tutorials on a certain topic/theme. This ever-growing library of yoga practices allows you to build upon the skills you learned in the program and continuing growing your yoga practice. Access these and all previous practices 24/7.

And Catherine is always available in the group to answer questions and provide support.

Before I had my two children, I had been an avid runner—an activity I got a lot of joy out of. After having my children, I went from someone who could run 8-minute pace in my sleep, to someone who struggled to run 11-minute miles.

After my son (baby No. 2) was born, my stomach was basically a bag of Jell-O that was barely holding me upright. What was more disconcerting is I was trying every core regimen I could get my hands on, but nothing worked. In fact, some of the programs I tried even seemed to make things worse.

I cannot tell you how much this program transformed my body! This is the first program I have found where I feel like I actually regained significant core and pelvic floor strength.

I feel like a whole person again, as opposed to someone who is walking around with a gaping hole in my midsection.

I am happy to report that I have been able to start building up my running miles again, and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my running. I am beginning to hit some of the paces I ran before I had babies—something I had pretty much given up on! My core is so much stronger, and I’m recruiting my hamstrings in a way that I never have before—even before I had children.

I feel like taking the class precipitates a lifestyle change. Not only are you able to regain your core and pelvic floor strength and improve your diastasis recti, but you are able to make adjustments to your posture in your everyday life, which helps alleviate back and hip pain. Plus, as a bonus, I lost my “mom paunch” after completing this class. This was not a goal of mine because I did not think it was possible (nor did I really care if I ever lost it), but I am happy to say that it is gone.

I have literally told every mom I know about this program! It is worth the time and effort, and it’s worth every cent!

This class has taught me that with a little commitment, it is possible to get your body’s functionality back. You don’t have to struggle with pain or give up the things you love.


Courtney Dezahd

What We Cover:

Module 1: Lay The Foundation

Module 1 sets you up for success by preparing your schedule, mind, and body for the program.

Overcome any negative feelings standing in the way of your healing and unlock the secret to staying motivated on your healing journey.

Module 2: Anatomy Rules

In Module 2, begin creating healthy movement patterns in yoga (and everyday life).

Get clear on the root cause of diastasis, and begin shifting risky movement and breath patterns to healthy ones.

Module 3: You Are How You Move

Re-align your body to promote the healing of your diastasis and make all your movements core strengtheners. 

You’ll learn and practice the 3 alignment principles essential to core health and receive individualized feedback on your alignment. 

Module 4: Core Matters

In Module 4, you’ll fire up your deep core and pelvic floor muscles. 

These muscles are the foundation of core health and safe movement and are the key to creating lasting core strength. 

Module 5: Bring It All Together. Let’s Flow!

In Module 5, we bring everything you’ve learned together.

We practice simultaneously aligning the body and strengthening the deep core muscles in yoga.

Module 6: Take Your Yoga Into The World

Module 6 prepares you to make any studio, gym, or online yoga class safe for your core.  

You’ll learn the poses to avoid while your core is healing, how to modify problem poses, and how to make every class safe for you.


Lifetime access to the Heal Your Core With Yoga Program: $499 Value

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions AND Lifetime Access To The Heal Your Core With Yoga Private Facebook Community: $420/Year Value

Personalized Feedback On Your Alignment: $200 Value

Lifetime Access To The Heal Your Core With Yoga Alumni Group and Video Library: $580/Year Value


Total Program Value: $1700+

Program Price: $349

Get Started Today For $120!

Lifetime access means you can return to the program whenever you like

AND get access to all updates added in future rounds.


Choose Your Payment Option:

Payment plan option: First payment will be processed today. Subsequent payments will be automatically processed one and two months after, using the card you use today.


I know you’ll love this course as much as I do.

But, if for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, let me know within 30 days of enrollment and I’ll issue a full refund.

I’m Catherine Middlebrooks, yoga teacher, mom, wife, and founder of brb Yoga. I know exactly what it’s like to feel like your body is failing you.

After the birth of my daughter in 2012, I couldn’t wait to return to yoga and the active lifestyle that brought such joy and meaning to my life.

But no matter what I did my back hurt. My core and pelvic floor were so weak that I felt like a limp noodle. After eight months of exercise, I realized I was weaker and suffering more discomfort than immediately after the birth of my baby.

There had to be a better way.

So I switched into researcher mode, learning everything I could about abdominal strength, the pelvic floor, diastasis recti and the post-partum body. I spent hundreds of hours studying yoga anatomy, biomechanics, physical therapy, core rehabilitation and musculature, piecing together all the information to create a holistic picture.

I discovered that alignment can make or break the body’s ability to heal.

Think of your body like the tires on a car. When the tires are out of alignment, one side takes the brunt of the wear and tear.

Pregnancy stretches and weakens your connective tissues. If your body is out of alignment, movement and exercise place extra pressure on some parts of your core, leaving those weak spots vulnerable to injury. That’s why women like me find their abdominal separation or pain becomes worse, even months after birth.

Before you can safely rebuild your core strength, you must get your body back into alignment.

So I began playing on the mat, adjusting yoga poses to address muscular imbalance and my body’s compensations for the weakness in my core. I paid attention to the way I held myself as I moved through my day, to protect and rebuild my core muscles.

Before long, I was able to get back to the yoga practice that meant so much to me, with no more pain or discomfort. I not only healed my diastasis, but I felt stronger than ever, and because I was holding myself correctly, random longstanding aches and pains simply disappeared.

When the time came to have my second child, I felt confident because I knew how to move safely and I was able to restore my core quickly after birth.

Most importantly, I felt alive again.

I could say YES to all the adventures life has to offer, knowing that I could be active without fear of pain or injury.

I want that for you too.

That’s why I created Heal Your Core – to help Moms like you go from feeling broken and battered to living life out loud.

Life is short. You deserve to get your strength back, so you can bounce on the trampoline, run a marathon, dance all night at a Lady Gaga concert, get back to aerial silk work and do whatever makes your heart sing without fear of peeing yourself. (And yes, my students have done all these things).

You can be the Mom, the partner and the woman you want to be.

And it starts right here, right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never done yoga before. Is this course suitable for beginners?

The short answer: YES!

The long answer: 

The program and poses are suitable for both beginner and experienced yoga practitioners.
If you have a diastasis and are thinking about starting a yoga practice, I highly recommend you start with this program. There are very few yoga teachers who understand how to modify a yoga practice for diastasis, and many beginner classes include poses that are best avoided while healing.
I'm really busy. Can I do this on my own schedule?

I totally get it. I’m a busy mom too.
All the modules and videos are available 24/7. I make every module as quick as possible, getting you the info you need in the most concise manner.
And you get lifetime access. If you miss a week or get behind, you can return to the info whenever you like.

I had my baby years ago, but just found out I have a diastasis. Can this still help me?

A diastasis is caused by alignment patterns. Once we correct the alignment patterns, you allow your body to begin healing. This is the case whether you had your baby 3 months, 3 years, or 30 years ago.

At 2.5 years postpartum, I entered this course with a pretty good understanding of alignment and having already “closed my diastasis gap”. However, I still suffered from a lack of core strength and felt anxious about whether I was moving in ways that were helping or hurting me.

Catherine’s course solved a lot of the mystery for me. Through the live calls, I had the opportunity to literally get in front of her and receive assurance of how to do certain movements.

For me, the yoga in this program was key to healing my core. Only after making this connection back to my practice was I able to gain all the benefits of alignment adjustments and the strengthening that follows. Thank you Catherine. It felt right, right from the start and I will continue this practice joyfully.

Kate Shoemaker

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