Rebalance your post-baby hips...
And get back to the activities you love.

Hey Mama...
Imagine how it would feel
to have strong, stable, pain-free hips.

To  go for a long run, take a family road trip,

chase your kids around the backyard, or stretch out fully in yoga class

without having to pay the price afterwards?

You’ve forgotten what that’s like, huh?

Because right now...

Your hips hurt so much they wake you up at night.

Or you've got that loosey-goosey feeling in your joints.

Or your hips are so tight, you worry they’ll pop out when you pick up your toddler.

Trouble is, you’ve been putting up with this pain so long, it kinda feels normal.

Other women say ‘‘Welcome to getting old’, or ‘It only gets worse from here.

Well I say...NO!  

You do NOT have to put up with chronic hip pain.

There IS a safe and effective way to let go of all that tension

and create strong, stable and balanced hips... you can go on adventures with your kids,

shake that booty on the dance floor,

join in ALL the fun without fear,

enjoy sex again (uh huh).

and live the life you love.

Hey there! 
I'm Catherine Middlebrooks

Yoga Instructor, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, & Founder of brb Yoga

I know what it’s like to struggle with pain and instability after pregnancy.

Over a decade ago, when I was a new yoga instructor, I loved putting my students into long hip opening poses like half pigeon. All that delicious stretching is meant to feel good and help tight hips, right?

That was until I had my baby...

After my six-week check up, I thought I’d bounce back to my practice and active outdoorsy lifestyle. But no matter what I did, my back hurt and the weakness in my core was getting worse. After months of trying, I realized that the very poses I loved were actually hurting my postpartum body.

Luckily, I’m a research geek, so I threw myself into studying corrective exercise, biomechanics, musculature and the postpartum body. I discovered that:

Pregnancy is miraculous, beautiful, 

should be treated like an injury.

Before you freak out, let me explain.

In pregnancy, your core muscles stretch to accommodate your growing baby.

Other parts of your body compensate so that you can maintain stability and stand upright.

Your dear, sweet, hips end up taking over functions that should be performed by your core, pelvic floor and glutes.

Your hips are supposed to help you bend or rotate your legs, but they end up working overtime to create stability in the spine and pelvis.

Those patterns don’t just go away when you give birth.

Over time, your hips get overworked and become tired and weak.

You start to experience things like pain, tightness or loose joints, an unstable SI joint, an IT band that constantly protests, or a sense of weakness in your hips.

You try to get out there and be active, but you suffer so much afterwards that you start opting out of all the fun.

Sound familiar? Here’s what you need to know:

The secret to happy hips is to rehabilitate your body step-by-step.

You need to rebuild holistic strength and make sure every part of your muscular system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.

Only then can you get safely back to that outdoorsy, fun, active lifestyle you crave and be the woman AND the Mom you want to be.

And I am so fired up to help you do just that.

That's why I created

Fix Your Hips

Fix Your Hips is a 6-week, online, 

corrective exercise and yoga program

designed to rebalance your body,

so your hips can chill out and you can get back to living the life you love.

Following the 3-part Fix Your Hips Formula, you'll systematically:

  • STRENGTHEN your core, pelvic floor, and glutes to give your hips a break.
  • RELAX overworked muscles with yoga and targeted meditation practices that reduce long-standing tension patterns.
  • REINFORCE these patterns all-day everyday through alignment and everyday movement training.

With Fix Your Hips, we take the pressure off your hips and rebalance your body so you can get back to being fit and active (and finally get a good night’s sleep).

Already fit and active?

Fix Your Hips is the perfect complement to your existing fitness routine. This program will help you extend your range, get more benefit from the exercise you’re already doing and find joy and pleasure in getting out there (without the after pain).

How It Works

Each week, you'll receive:

  • A 15 minute corrective exercise practice routine to be done most days. Each week builds upon the last. 
  • A 10-15 minute targeted meditation audio to practice 2 times a week (or more!) 
  • A 30 minute yoga practice to be done once a week.
  • check
     A new training module to deepen your understanding of the work.

Corrective exercises and yoga practices come in: streaming video, downloadable audio, and downloadable PDF format. 

Here's What You Get With

Fix Your Hips

  • angle-right
    6 Step By Step Training Modules 
    designed to strengthen, support and rebalance your entire hip system and teach you to move well.
  • angle-right
    3 Hip Lovin' Yoga Practices
  • angle-right
    6 Weekly Corrective Exercise Practices 
    to rebuild your strength, get all your muscles working as they should, and fire up your new movement patterns.
  • angle-right
    6 Weekly Meditations
    to help you let go of old patterns and release the chronic tension you've been holding in your hips.
  • angle-right
    A 6-Week Practice/Learning Schedule
    so you know exactly what to do and when (with space for catch up days).
  • angle-right
    24/7 Online Access
    Practice at a time and place that suits you. Going on vacation? No problem. Practice on-the-go, or take a break and pick up again when you get back
  • angle-right
    Lifetime Access To The Entire Course
    Including any future updates so you can return to the materials anytime you feel like your hips need some love.

Plus, I'm here to Support you every step of the way.

You Get:

  • Ongoing access to the private Fix Your Hips community (Facebook Group)
  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions (if you can't make it live, you can submit your questions in advance and watch the recording.

You'll never have a question go unanswered.

Let Me Ask You A Question

Will you take 20 minutes out of your day to FINALLY rid yourself of that hip pain?

Because Mama, that’s all you need to Fix Your Hips

That's less than half a nap time, one cup of tea,

or one episode of Dora. Seriously.

Here's What We'll Cover In Fix Your Hips

  • Module 1: Everyday Hip Hurters 
    Discover how the way you move throughout your day is hurting your hips - and what to do about it.
  • Module 2: Your Hip Hot Spots
    Everyone's hips are unique. I’ll take you through a self-assessment to discover your areas of weakness and share specific exercises and techniques that will shift your particular patterns.
  • Module 3: Breathing For Hip Health
    Discover how the simple act of breathing could be locking up your hips - and how to use every breath to ease that pain, release tension and create happier hips.
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Module 4: Stabilize From Above
    Learn to engage your core so you can support your hips from above.
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Module 5: Stabilize From Below
    Create balance in the pelvic floor, glutes, and hip muscles to stabilize the hips from below.
  • Chevron Circle Right
    Module 6: Hip Happy
    Learn how to apply your new knowledge and techniques as you finally get back to your favorite sports and activities - minus the hip pain!

I am fired up to help you heal your hips

so you can join in ALL the juicy goodness of life.

That's why I offer my

Fix Your Hips


Take 30 days to try Fix Your Hips:

If you’re not feeling more comfort

and more confident in your hips AND your body, 

email me within 30 days of enrollment

and I’ll issue a full refund.


I'm pregnant. Would this program be suitable for me?

I had my baby years ago. Can this still help me?

I want to do this, but I'm so busy!! Can I make it work?

I've never done yoga before. Is this course suitable for beginners?

I don’t know what to choose - Heal Your Core, or Fix Your Hips?

Can you imagine how AMAZING it would be to:

  • Get out there with your kids, chase them around the park, go on a family hike and be active as a family
  • Release the tension you’ve been carrying for so long. Seriously? Can you imagine life without that tightness or loosey-goosey feeling? It’s totally possible (and feels incredible)
  • Finally have a good night’s sleep. I mean if your kid is sleeping through the night, you should be too, right?
  • check
    Let go of ALL that mental energy you have spent trying to fix yourself and wake up everyday feeling energetic and well-rested.
  • check
    STOP planning your life around whether or not an activity will cause you pain.
  • check
    Get back into the activities that bring joy and meaning to your life, completely confident that your hips are up to the task.
  • check
    Go on a family road trip without suffering for days afterwards.
  • check
    Go for a run with more length in your stride OR have a good ol’ stretch in yoga class, safe in the knowledge that you’re choosing poses that heal rather than hurt you.
  • check
    Know that you’re role modeling a healthy active life for your children.

All of this is totally possible for you with Fix Your Hips

I know life is busy.

I know everyone makes demands on your time.

I know it’s hard to put yourself first.

But trust me, you have been putting up with hip pain for FAR.TOO.LONG.

You don’t have to live like this.

Let’s get you back to full performance YOU...

so that your kids can enjoy running around with their Mom.

Fix Your Hips Special Offer!

Get Lifetime Access to Fix Your Hips For Just:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


What People Are Saying About
Fix Your Hips

FYH has changed my life, and my husband has noticed, too! "

“I have learned strategies to support healing in areas I thought would be forever different after childbirth. My hips are looser, my glutes are firing (I wondered why they seemed deflated after childbirth :), my pelvic floor and abs are stronger.  "


“I have part of myself back! I am so happy and grateful"

“Before Fix Your Hips, I had consistent discomfort in my groin on one side as well as pain at the base of one of my glutes and SI issues. I had to make adjustments to what activities I could do (no high impact aerobics, no ballet, didn't even think I could do lunges anymore) and wore an SI brace a lot of the time. My hips were unreliable and I didn't always know what would or would not cause pain. 

Within three weeks I noticed that my glute pain was not happening most days. My hips felt strong and more reliable. 

I could pick up not just my baby, but also my two year old AND my four year old. I began to dance again and my body felt great.

As the program went on I began to add in more and more of the things I love to do...and kept feeling great.

I have a part of myself back and have been able to lay to rest doubt and fear about what the future looked like for my postpartum body. I am so happy and grateful!"


I feel more confident and stronger!

“This is a unique and powerful program that gets at the root of hip problems by really diving into the different aspects of the pelvic region and giving specific techniques to release tight areas while strengthening weak ones. The schedule is doable and enjoyable, and it allows for incredible growth in self-awareness. I feel much more confident and stronger than I did before I began this program!"


Fix Your Hips
is perfect for you if: 

  • You’re tired of the pain and tension - sore hips, a sore back, and that sense of being locked up or broken. It’s all gotta go!
  • You want to get to the root cause, unravel those postpartum patterns, and create healthy habits and happy hips -  for life!
  • You’re willing to commit 20 minutes a day, most days per week, to fix your hips. Consistency will be your best friend, so make the commitment and make it work.
  • Check Circle
    You want to play! Enough with feeling scared to move your body or suffering a physical hangover from a simple game of tag. It’s time to get back into your life!

Kids Grow Fast

It’s a clichė, but it’s true.

They won’t always want to play with you, like they do now.

So let’s get your hips fixed so you can show up as the mom and woman you want to be.

Copyright - brb Yoga