How Does it Work?

After you sign-up and are approved, you’ll get a unique URL (web link), images and copy that you use when sharing on your website/blog/instagram/facebook when referring your friends or community to Heal Your Core or Fix Your Hips.

When someone purchases a course via your personal link, this will be tracked inside our system so that all sales from that person will be linked to you and you’ll get paid!

The Details

Our web team prepared images for you to use on your site, blog, FB. It is not mandatory for an affiliate to use these images but we strongly encourage you to take advantage of these. In any case, you may not modify any text, icon, content, tool, trademark, or any of our images in any way without prior written approval.

Commission (Referral fee)

Our commission rate is 20% for all purchases of our programs through your link.

Please note, a customer may clear their browser cookies at any time, in which case the affiliate can no longer be tracked.

Commission Distribution

Commission will be distributed on the last Friday of every month for referrals from the previous calendar month. 

Affiliate may not receive a commission off their own purchase of the program

Tax forms requirement

Affiliate earning more than $600 in a tax year will be issued a 1099 at the end of that tax year. Affiliates will be required to provide relevant information to us like Address, EIN/SSN in that case.

Who Can Join?

Our affiliate program is open to any who believes in our programs and wants to share them in an ethical, considerate way…in other words no spam. We love when our community shares via websites, social media, and marketplaces.

How do I Join?

Fill in your details and register, and we will take it from there.

Exclusions and Rules

An affiliate may not offer their own private sales, cash-back offers, deals, contest or any promotion whatsoever that offers a discount on or a gift of any product involving Heal Your Core without written consent from brb Yoga.


We are here to help. Send us a note at with any questions you may have.

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    Right to Terminate reserves the right to cancel an affiliate status upon violation of use.
    Right to Modify Terms of use
    These terms of use may be modified without any prior notice.
    Affiliate Terms of use – Last review 9/21/2018