Heal Your Core With Yoga Reviews

“I have literally told every mom I know about this program!”

Before I had my two children, I had been an avid runner—an activity I got a lot of joy out of. However, after having my children, I went from someone who could run 8-minute pace in my sleep, to someone who struggled to run 11-minute miles.

After my son (baby No. 2) was born, I saw a pelvic floor physical therapist, and this helped me immensely. It healed the damage done during my births and pregnancies, as well as helped me fix my diastasis recti. However, while the damage was healed, the core and pelvic floor strength were still lacking. My stomach was basically a bag of Jell-O that was barely holding me upright. What was more disconcerting is I was trying every core regimen I could get my hands on, but nothing worked. In fact, some of the programs I tried even seemed to make things worse.

I found an ad for Catherine’s class on Facebook and watched her free tutorial. What she said made a lot of sense to me, so I figured I’d sign up. I’d already tried everything else, so why not give it a whirl?

I did have a few hesitations, though. I have never been a yogi, so I did not know if the program would hold my interest. I had practiced yoga in the past as a supplement to running, but it wasn’t something I did every day or even enjoyed doing. Also, as a working mom of two, I wondered if I would have the time for it. I also wondered if the price was worth it, considering I didn’t even know if I would be able to commit to the program. But I decided to give it a shot.

I cannot tell you how much this program transformed my body! This is the first program I have found where I feel like I actually regained significant core and pelvic floor strength. I feel like a whole person again, as opposed to someone who is walking around with a gaping hole in my midsection. I am happy to report that I have been able to start building up my running miles again, and I have noticed a HUGE difference in my running. I am beginning to hit some of the paces I ran before I had babies—something I had pretty much given up on! My core is so much stronger, and I’m recruiting my hamstrings in a way that I never have before—even before I had children. Also, because the class focuses on posture, I am able to use better posture when I run, and I have noticed that my hips no longer hurt after I run, and I don’t feel beat up after my long runs like I used to. I feel like I am now able to recover from my runs as quickly as I did before I had children.

Also, the class was absolutely fascinating! I loved learning about anatomy and posture. Not only did it help me regain my core strength, but it has also helped me changed the way I stand, sit, walk, and run, and my back and hips don’t hurt like they used to because of it. The 20 minutes of yoga class was something I looked forward to every day, so I was almost always able to make time for it. Plus, my mind was so actively engaged during each yoga session that the 20 minutes just flew by. The yoga sessions were a lot of fun and I still enjoy practicing them to this day.

There are so many powerful aspects to this program! I feel like taking the class precipitates a lifestyle change. Not only are you able to regain your core and pelvic floor strength and improve your diastasis recti, but you are able to make adjustments to your posture in your everyday life, which helps alleviate back and hip pain. Plus, as a bonus, I lost my “mom paunch” after completing this class. This was not a goal of mine, because I did not think it was possible (nor did I really care if I ever lost it), but I am happy to say that it is gone

I have literally told every mom I know about this program! It is worth the time and effort, and it’s worth every cent! You will feel like yourself again, which is why I recommend it to any mom I meet who is struggling with her post-partum body. This class has taught me that with a little commitment, it is possible to get your body’s functionality back. You don’t have to struggle with pain or give up the things you love. I am able to run again—which is an activity that gives me great joy and a sense of peace. Not only has Catherine created a superb class, but she is so supportive. She is quick to answer questions during the class (and even after class is over), and because she offers video assessments, it’s fairly easy to correct any mistakes you are making with your yoga moves and posture. Thanks Catherine!


“I credit this program with helping me start to get my swagger back”

As a yoga teacher who specializes in yoga for motherhood, I was amazed at how little info was out there regarding diastasis recti. We had touched on it in my prenatal training – learning how to identify it and what poses to avoid – but didn’t cover how to heal it. After my second pregnancy I had a three and a half finger diastasis and about 60 pounds to lose. But I didn’t feel I could work out until I healed my core. I also knew I needed to learn more about this common problem in order to be a better teacher.

I was hesitant about dropping the money on a program that may do zilch, but was convinced by the demo video that Catherine was legit. My anatomy training helped me see that she knew what she was talking about.

I needed to heal myself and so I jumped in and committed to 20 minutes a day for 8 weeks. 

I’m healed! I had a one finger or less gap at the end of the program. I can do kickboxing, jump on a trampoline, laugh, and sneeze without peeing myself. I have better posture and stand up taller. I have lost 25 pounds of my 60 pound goal after starting this program about 3 months ago. I thought maybe I would have a weak core for a long time, but it really did not take much time at all.

If you believe in chakras, the solar plexus is the energetic home of our self confidence. A weak core can make us feel insecure. I credit this program with helping me start to get my swagger back. 

I already recommended this program to people, including a Facebook group of thousands of parents. I was like, “I’m not affiliated y’all. I just think this program is legit and is cheaper than physical therapy and a hella lot better than a tummy tuck!


The alignment principles immediately improved, and over the 8 weeks have eliminated, my daily back pain.

Taking my back pain out of the equation has allowed me to tackle some large cleaning and organizing projects around my house, get through a day with more energy, sleep better, and enjoy weekly dance lessons without injuring my back.


If you are thinking about Heal Your Core With Yoga…

Do it! 

You won’t regret it. The cost is so nominal when you realize how much better you will feel during and afterward and how life-changing it will be to reassess your alignment and habits and make a change for the better.

“This is a doable program for even the busiest, tiredest, or overwhelmed moms out there. “

I have made a shift in my life. This program was the catalyst for me to show and and do the work.

It provided a platform to make actual goals and hold myself accountable to show up to the mat each morning. I also loved the community in which we supported each other (5am club!!!) and that Catherine was a gentle teacher who held our hands and kept us focused and authentic.

I have learned to love yoga again. Learned to love the body I am in again, which is hard when it has been host to a small human more than once and all the changes that go along with that process.Going to the mat each morning has also allowed me space of quiet reflection where I have been working on my spiritual health as well. I have found comfort in such a broken world these days.

As a physical therapist, I also found Catherine SUPER knowledgable in her anatomy/physiology/biomechanics foundations. I would make her an honorary PT! 

This is a doable program for even the busiest, tiredest, or overwhelmed moms out there. I got so much more out of this than just a minimized DR.


“Thank you so much for helping me feel capable and whole again.” 

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your program.

I think you’ve got something really great here and was just what I needed. To be honest, I was pretty sure it was going to be just another thing that I paid for and didn’t follow through on (I’ve spent way too much money trying to get myself to exercise).

But I actually did it this time!

I think your pacing was great, the goals you set were manageable (love that the videos are only 20 min), you were super supportive, and I really liked the accountability check ins. I’m a psychologist and I don’t know what your training is, but you definitely have down a lot of elements of making behavior change and you execute and support them expertly.

Thank you so much for helping me feel capable and whole again. 


“I loved every single aspect of this program.”

It feels like this is the best DR program there is. It’s fun, Catherine is fantastic, and you WILL see and feel improvements!

Every new video/module was exciting to get, and working through the videos became my personal treat for the day. I loved doing them all!

The whole program is SO well organized, so easy to use and maneuver around in, it made it that much more enjoyable and inviting to work on. If it was a difficult or less user friendly format, I don’t think I would’ve been as motivated to keep up as I was.

And it’s so wonderful knowing the support and program doesn’t really end after 8 weeks. You will still be able to get help from Catherine when you need it. She’s so open, and she will make you feel good about yourself.
I loved every single aspect of this program. Truly.

“Hands down, the best online program I’ve found.”

I like the entire design of the program, but especially I appreciated the individualized attention Catherine provided.
I love the weekly check-ins and the videos we sent in for feedback on posture & breath.
The core practices with options of audio only and a printout of the poses are very helpful. The fact participants can stay involved and connected once the 8 weeks are complete is truly amazing.
Catherine is easy going and fun. She has an incredible knowledge of Yoga and anatomy. She has a teaching style that allows students to be comfortable with who and where they are. It is easy to see Catherine is passionate about what she does. What a gift she is!
Hands down, the best online program I’ve found.

“For me, the yoga was key to healing my core.”

At 2.5 years postpartum, I entered this course with a pretty good understanding of alignment and having already “closed my diastasis gap”. However, I still suffered from a lack of core strength and felt anxious about whether I was moving in ways that were helping or hurting me.

Through the live calls, I had the opportunity to literally get in front of her and receive much needed assurance of how to do certain movements. Having the confidence to participate in yoga again has opened up the treasures of the practice; things I needed to truly heal, like release of tension, restoration of trust in my body, gratitude and acceptance for where I am at. For me, the yoga was key to healing my core. Only after making this connection back to my practice was I able to gain all the benefits of alignment adjustments and the strengthening that follows.

Thank you Catherine. I am so glad I signed up on a whim. It felt right, right from the start and I will continue this practice joyfully.


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Fix Your Hips Reviews

“I have a part of myself back…I am so happy and grateful!”

Before Fix Your Hips, I had consistent discomfort in my groin on one side as well as pain at the base of one of my glutes and SI issues. I had to make adjustments to what activities I could do (no high impact aerobics, no ballet, didn’t even think I could do lunges anymore) and wore an SI brace a lot of the time. My hips were unreliable and I didn’t always know what would or would not cause pain. 

Within three weeks I noticed that my glute pain was not happening most days. My hips felt strong and more reliable. 

I could pick up not just my baby, but also my two-year-old AND my four-year-old. I began to dance again and my body felt great.

As the program went on I began to add in more and more of the things I love to do…and kept feeling great.

I have a part of myself back and have been able to lay to rest doubt and fear about what the future looked like for my postpartum body. I am so happy and grateful!


“I feel much more confident and stronger.”

This is a unique and powerful program that gets at the root of hip problems by really diving into the different aspects of the pelvic region and giving specific techniques to release tight areas while strengthening weak ones.

The schedule is doable and enjoyable, and it allows for incredible growth in self-awareness.

I feel much more confident and stronger than I did before I began this program!


I just want to take a moment to say how much I love the strength I’m gaining in my hips!!!

I’m learning more about how my body works (and doesn’t work ?), I feel stronger and sturdier when I’m standing and walking, and I’m enjoying the confidence this inspires.

Thanks so much!


Since completing this program my hips feel stable and strong. I have learned so much from this program, I feel amazing. Thank you Catherine!


“FYH has changed my life, and my husband has noticed, too! “

I have learned strategies to support healing in areas I thought would be forever different after childbirth. My hips are looser, my glutes are firing (I wondered why they seemed deflated after childbirth :), my pelvic floor and abs are stronger. FYH has changed my life, and my husband has noticed, too! 


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