Ep. 11: How To Share The Load With Your Partner with Alexandra Hughes

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In Episode 11 of Rise Rooted, I interview Alexandra Hughes about how to share the domestic load so that you can create space to step into your greater purpose.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, including:

  • How women internalize patriarchal messages and how that leads to exhaustion and overwhelm.
  • The importance of mental space for women and how to carve out time to get it.
  • Why it’s important to prioritize your own pursuits now, even while your kids are small
  • How working with your partner to “share the domestic load” can be a revolutionary act.
  • How to work with your partner to create more equality in household duties.
  • The importance of a joint vision for your lives as a way to make sharing the load easier.

Alexandra Hughes is a certified Life Coach who helps stressed and overwhelmed mothers to find calm in the chaos and magic in the mess. She works with clients privately, and in a number of online courses that she’s developed.

Alex is also lead parent and carer in her family, raising 3 kids (now 8, 11, 14), managing international moves and general house and family management.

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Resources Mentioned

Book: Patriarchy Stress Disorder
Book: Big Magic
Podcast Episode: How To Create a Powerful Vision For Your Future