Best SI Belt for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Best SI Belt for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

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If you’re pregnant or have recently given birth, you might experience pain or dysfunction in your SI joint. Doing normal activities such as walking up stairs can feel like a painful task. This might be especially discouraging if you want to get back to your everyday routine as soon as possible.

Trochanteric belts can help treat SI joint instability. These devices are designed to limit movement and relieve pain by aligning the pelvis and reducing stress on the joint. We review the top five SI belts to help you pick the best SI belt for you.

In a rush? Here they are:


  1. Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip Belt—Best SI Belt Overall
  2. Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and Men—Best for Sizing
  3. Serola Sacroiliac Belt—Best Under Clothing
  4. DonJoy Sacroilia (SI) Joint Support Belt—Best in Adjustability
  5. OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support Belt—Best for Balanced Pressure

What Is SI Joint Dysfunction?

The sacroiliac (SI) joints connect your lower spine and pelvis. They’re located in the lower back on both the left and right sides. These joints absorb shock between your lower and upper body and help stabilize the pelvic area.

SI Joint Dysfunction happens when one or both of your sacroiliac joints becomes inflamed and painful.

One cause of SI joint dysfunction is pregnancy, when the joints widen and become hypermobile. Other potential reasons for SI pain include arthritis, a tilted sacrum, and differing leg lengths.

Common symptoms include lower spine, pelvic, and leg pain, as well as inflammation in the sacroiliac joints. Many people with this condition find it difficult to stay in one position for a long time and they also experience difficulties when climbing up stairs.


Can You Exercise With SI Joint Pain?

High-impact activities such as running can worsen SI joint pain, so most doctors recommend partaking in gentler activities.

Low-impact exercises including yoga and walking put less stress on your joints and can even help alleviate pain. Wearing a pelvic belt with restorative activities can add support during movement.

Exercises designed to create stability in the muscles of the pelvis can help minimize and prevent SI joint pain in the long-term. We teach about these types of exercises in our Fix Your Hips program


What To Consider When Buying a Pelvic Belt for SI Joint

The best SI joint belts have the following features:



Most users will be wearing their pelvic belt for hours on-end and perhaps even wear it while sleeping. You want the material to be lightweight and moisture-wicking for maximum comfort. Functional fabrics include synthetics such as neoprene (used by scuba divers) and polyurethane.

The belt should also be flexible so it can easily stretch around your pelvis. Look for materials like nylon and spandex. Lastly, you don’t want it to slip when you wear it. Silicone and Velcro can help prevent this.



If your belt is too big it’ll slide down and won’t provide enough support for your joints. If it’s too small, it can dig into your skin causing discomfort.

The ideal SI belt accommodates a wide variety of individuals. One that’s between 25 and 55 inches in length will fit most users. Also consider the width of the device. A pelvic belt should be about 4-8 inches wide to function at its best.


Other Features

Other things to keep in mind include:

    • Anti-slip buckles: This feature helps prevent the belt from slipping.
    • Color and design: Choose something that’s inconspicuous underneath your clothing, especially if you wear it to work or are out and about.
    • Antibacterial or odor-fighting: This will help prevent bad smells if you want to wear your belt while exercising.
    • Recommended time period: Some manufacturers design girdles for you to use a few hours a day, while you can wear others 24/7. Consider your support needs and choose a belt accordingly.


    SI Joint Belt Reviews

    Now, let’s see how our top 5 choices compare.


    1. Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip Belt Best SI Belt Overall


    Pro Enrichment SI Belt

    The Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip Belt is a sacroiliac belt designed for you to wear for extended periods, up to 24 hours a day. Pro Enrichment encourages users to wear the device as much as possible for the best results. Users agree that it makes a significant difference in terms of pain relief.

    Some buyers report using the girdle while doing yoga and say that it stabilizes their hips without weighing them down. Others praise the lower back support offered by this belt. You’ll find four elastic bands across the back to customize the level of pressure.

    Measurements for this SI belt are 4.5 inches wide and 42 inches long. It fits people with hips measuring between 30 and 45 inches.

    The belt materials consist of neoprene, stretchable nylon, and spandex. There are extra holes for breathability. However, customers report that the materials might not be long-lasting. Some also state that the belt loses its slip-resistance after a few months of regular use.



    • High level of customer satisfaction.
    • Suitable for extended wear.
    • Activity-friendly including use during yoga.
    • Lightweight, breathable design.



    • Might deteriorate quickly with heavy use.
    • Doesn’t suit people with hips larger than 45 inches.

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    2. Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and MenBest for Sizing

    Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and Men

    What’s great about the Vriksana SI belt is that it comes in three size options, offering you a customized fit and a high level of comfort and support. Determine your size based on hip measurements: petite (26-31 inches), regular (32-45 inches), and plus (46-53 inches).

    Manufacturers state that they made this SI girdle for use day and night. The belt offers different levels of compression through the additional straps. Customers report being able to put more pressure on one side of their back to relieve pain.

    Users also state that this pelvic belt is breathable with its neoprene fabric, and they like the non-slip silicone straps. While it seems to stay in place for most people, some find that it only offers proper support while standing.

    Vriksasana Posture explicitly promotes this product for use during pregnancy and postpartum. They state that their SI belt provides support for a shifted, stretched pelvic area. One pregnant customer states that they’re able to walk around and bend over without any pain while wearing this girdle.

    But know that users have found that the velcro holding the belt together tends to come off after a few months which might cause the band to loosen. Others say that it’s not a good fit if you’re in-between sizes, it could be too big or small accordingly.



    • Three size options.
    • Appropriate to wear 24/7.
    • Great during pregnancy and postpartum.
    • Compression is customizable.
    • Breathable fabric.



    • Not as supportive when sitting or laying down.
    • Velcro loosens after some time.
    • Not good for people in-between sizes.

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    3. Serola Sacroiliac BeltBest Under Clothing

    Serola Sacroiliac Belt

    The Serola belt is the most inconspicuous device on our list, making it easy to wear under your clothes. It’s lightweight and comfortable.

    According to customers, this SI belt is more flexible than other belts and you can use it both over and under your clothing. One user reports using this product frequently while playing squash and says it didn’t affect their movement whatsoever.

    Several pregnant users have eased pelvic pain and increased their mobility with this product.They like that you can easily adjust the tightness by loosening the side straps which is great when sitting down with a big belly.

    Serola states that their SI girdle also helps strengthen the core and muscles around your hips, which buyers testify to as well. This is a major benefit for those in the postpartum stage.

    The hook-and-loop closures prevent the Serola belt from buckling and the moisture-wicking urethane fabric doesn’t irritate the skin. The device reportedly stays in place during the day, thanks to the inner layer of non-slip fabric.

    However, some users state that the brand lacks quality control and a few people received products with straps that didn’t match the measurements listed. Others report that this SI belt tends to stretch and become too big over time.



    • Thin and lightweight.
    • Great underneath clothing.
    • Helps strengthen the core.
    • Easily adjustable straps.
    • Hook-and-loop closure for comfort.



    • Might receive a wrong product.
    • Stretches out and becomes loose.

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    4. DonJoy Sacroiliac (SI) Join Support BeltBest in Adjustability

    DonJoy Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Support Belt

    The SI support belt from DonJoy uses a patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System that gives compression all around and lets you customize the tension. According to customers, the handle is easy to pull with one hand.

    Another benefit of this girdle is the gel silicone strips that offer slip resistance and help the belt stay up. Many buyers agree with this and also claim that the silicone portion offers pain relief via heat.

    There’s plenty of breathability with this SI belt, thanks to the mesh fabric and pulley system that leaves open space in the back of the device. You should be able to wear it all day without feeling sweaty.

    Even though this SI belt is advertised as low-profile, many customers commented on its visibility when wearing jeans or other tighter-fitting clothes. Other users complain about the lack of flexibility and inconsistent pressure when lying or sitting down. Unfortunately, it’s the most expensive option on our list.



    • Customizable tension with pulley system.
    • Easy to operate with one hand.
    • Pain relief through support and heat radiation.
    • Breathability for decreased sweating.



    • Not as low-profile as advertised.
    • Slides when sitting or laying down.
    • Pricey.

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    5. OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support BeltBest for Balanced Pressure

    OPTP Si-Loc Sacroiliac Support Belt

    OPTP’s SI belt features a unique design with wider sides to help distribute pressure evenly across the SI joint and pelvic area. This offers a high level of comfort and stability during use. Some users even state that they forget they’re wearing this belt.

    Where looks are concerned, though, it’s easy to see this device under your clothing due to the buckle mechanism. On the upside, it’s machine-washable and will air-dry in four hours at maximum. This is probably due to its lightweight material.

    Some users, however, report that the fabric irritates their skin and they choose to wear it outside their clothing as a result. As for pregnant customers, one complaint is that it stops giving adequate support after the second trimester.



    • Uniform support across SI joints.
    • Machine-washable.
    • Offers stability and comfort.
    • Short drying time.


    • Looks bulky underneath clothes.
    • Can irritate your skin.
    • Not sufficient during later stages of pregnancy.

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    Conclusion: Which Is the Best Pelvic Belt for SI Joint?

    Now you know that the best SI belts should be lightweight, non-slip, and offer plenty of room for adjustments. All of the belts on our list have something to offer, but which one is the best?

    Our top choice goes to the Pro Enrichment Sacroiliac Hip Belt. It’s made from lightweight neoprene, has anti-slip silicone strips, and is hardly noticeable under clothing. To make it even better, it’s suitable for wear during low-impact exercise.

    However, if you need a belt with more adjustability and sizing options, go for the Vriksasana Sacroiliac Hip Belt for Women and Men. There are three sizes to choose from and it offers plenty of breathability.

    The best SI belts will provide you with the comfort and support you need while recovering from SI joint pain.

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