When people talk about engaging the pelvic floor, they most often talk about Kegels and squeezing the muscles to shut off the flow of urine.

But squeezing the muscles like shutting off the flow of urine doesn’t activate the entirety of the pelvic floor.

Today, we’ll cover engaging the entirety of the pelvic floor to create pelvic floor balance.

The pelvic floor is a big, broad set of muscles. It goes from your pubic bone at the front of your pelvis, to your tailbone at the back of your pelvis. When you are engaging your pelvic floor, you want to make sure that you are engaging all parts equally and that you have equal strength in the front, the back and the middle.

Finding Pelvic Floor Balance

Let’s play a little bit with pelvic floor balance in this video.


Make note of what you found when you engaged your pelvic floor in this way. If you found one area stronger or weaker than another you will want to spend a little bit more time training the weaker muscles.