C-Section Scar Massage For Core Healing

C Section Scar Massage

Is there anything specific that c-section mamas should do to heal their post-baby core & diastasis? 

This is one of the most common questions I receive. 

In general, the principles of healing your body from a C-section birth and a vaginal birth are very similar. You want to correct alignment, strengthen the deep core muscles, and retrain the breath system

But, there is one additional action c-section mamas should take to get their core working as well as possible. 

C-Section Scar Massage

Scar tissue can create pain & prevent muscles from working properly, making it harder to heal a diastasis and get core strength back. 

How To Do C-Section Scar Massage

(Please watch the video for a demo & please excuse my dog)

How Often To Do Scar Massage

In general, you want to be doing it every day until the scar moves easily under your fingers.

Once you’ve got it moving, then you can switch to massaging once a week. Scars continue to change for years. So you want to check in with it regularly to keep it moving. 

When To Begin C-Section Scar Massage

Wait until your incision has healed (at least 6-8 weeks) before beginning massage. At that point, you can begin massaging the top layer, very gently! It will be tender so please be gentle. As time goes on and tenderness fades away you can use more pressure with your massage.

Is It Ever Too Late For C-Section Scar Massage?

No! If it’s been a few years since your surgery, you may find that your scar doesn’t move much because it has many adhesions. That’s okay. As you massage the area it will loosen up over time. This will improve your muscle function and reduce pain (if you have any). 

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